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Finding a web designer may be the most difficult task in seriously considering a web site for your business.

Find a web designer who is as passionate about your business as they are of web design. Find a web designer who works with you, not against you. Find a web designer who patiently walks you through the web design process. Find a web designer who can translate your business into a web site. Find a web designer who will web design your business ™.

Find a web designer who provides solid substantiated answers to both

and you will create yourself a high ranking winning business web site.

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Studio9 web design provides web site design and web site development services for small businesses, world-wide. Professional but affordable web design is crucial for successful business web sites.

If you are serious about your business, business web design is no longer nephew Billy's niche. Business web design is serious business.

There is nothing wrong with a good looking business web site unless nobody is looking at it. Budget your web design monies not only for the lookin' good but more so for the promotion of your business web site.

After your business web site is published, you'll also need to budget monies to manage and maintain it.

Find a web designer who can appropriately work with you in creating your top winning business web site by calling studio9 web design.

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One of the first steps in web designing your business, after you seriously considered why you want/need a website, is to find a web designer. The web designer should be able to wisely guide you through the process.

Before you contact a web designer, learn more about what you need to and should do to Web Design Your Business™.

Web Design Your Business™

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Design Tip

How to highlight a DIV TAG using CSS and W3C validate your web page

Sometimes you want to highlight a div tag as part of your design to emphasize the content it contains whenever the users mouse enters the div. Mouseover and mouseout events described in the div tag work just fine and dandy until you attempt to W3C validate your web page. The W3C validator does not recognize mouseover, mouseout in div tags. Well, you can have your cake and eat it too. There is a work-a-round to resolve this dilemma. I will show you a way how to highlight a div tag using CSS.

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MD5 Encryption Generator

Use the PHP MD5 Encryption Generator to encrypt passwords or any text that you want to protect from peeping eyes. But be warned that anything and everything can be cracked. So you must add a little salt to be more safe. Try the MD5 Encryption Generator.

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