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Small Business Web Development Services

find a web designerFind a web designer that is passionate not only about web design but passionate about your business.  Mastering a website today extends far beyond a one time shot at what it looks like.  To be sure that it is seen by your intended viewers it requires continuous website marketing and website promotion.  Business on the web has evolved to being very competitive as compared to 1995 and it is facilitated by very poorly developed search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing.

Find a web designer who askfind a web developers questions about how your business operates because that will become very important in representing your website on the Web.  Remember, you're not physically there to greet your visitors.

Find a web designer who lays out all the facets of web design in detail on the table and clearly explains each so that you can see what you will be getting for the money you'll be spending.  Always sign a well written contract!

find a web designer partnerFInd a web designer who you feel comfortable with in a long term business relationship.  Again, creating your business website is NOT a one shot deal.  It continues for as long as your business website is published on the Web.

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I guarantee my web development services as contracted. No project is entered and completed without the full understanding by the client. Both the client's and my responsibilities are clearly described.



I have yet to workup a website that hasn't been exciting and challenging! I attack each project with a passion for your online business to succeed. It's very simple, if your website succeeds, I succeed.



Often today quality is sacrificed for bling. All work provided by studio9.ws is W3C validated (not applicable to 3rd party scripts). This means

  1. if we part ways your new web developer will be able to easily pickup where we left off
  2. your website will not malfunction do to the script
  3. enhances website promotion and marketing


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