Pack And Play Yard Into Toddler Bed

Children in their growing years, tend to outgrow their stuff really fast. The same applies to various baby furniture like cribs, strollers, car seat, etc. Since these are considerably expensive buys, we all desire to make optimum use of their stuff in most innovative and useful ways by either creatively recreating them or sharing it with the extended family if anyone is in need of something. One such idea is to convert the play yard into a toddler bed once its other features like bassinet, changing tray, etc. are no more in use. Relatively easier to remodel, this pack and play toddler bed is an efficient way to get the little one trained to sleep in their own bed.

As per, the transition period of adopting a new habit and exploring new ways of lifestyle can be very critical for the toddlers. It has a physiological and emotional impact on them which has to be tackled carefully. Something as simple as giving away their crib to their little sister/brother and asking them to sleep on an independent bed can have a devastating effect on their ego and thought process. Here are some tips which may help parents to efficiently help their little one to confidently and happily go through the transition phase are;

1. Go slow with one step at a time: As mentioned, getting them in a habit to sleep in the bed rather than an enclosed crib may take some time; we should ensure that the child masters every step systematically.

2. Ensure secure surroundings- Since now the toddler will have freedom to get out of the bed unlike enclosed cribs, we should ensure that the room door and windows have proper child locks put on to avoid any type of the accident from happening. Since they would have access to everything around, it better to have minimal sharp-edged furniture, carpeted flooring, avoid keeping any breakable item and placing utilities like bookshelves, electronic gadgets out of their reach.

3. Stay beside them till they feel secure and comfortable- It is important to sit beside their bed for the first few days, ensuring they are not afraid or uncomfortable sleeping. Reading them bedtime stories is a good idea.

4. Make the set up attractive for the kids- Once they start sleeping well in the bed, make it exciting for them by using their favorite cartoon printed bedsheets, colorful wall arts, glow stickers and fascinating night lamps.

5. Follow the same routine – Follow the same sleeping schedules and routines like singing a lullaby or reading a book for them before they sleep. This way they would not feel a big difference.

6. Make them understand that they are growing up and doing things independently can really make them more responsible and good big brothers or sisters.

Using pack and play for making a toddler bed is a great idea. Primarily it saves money. Since it has flexible side mesh walls, they can be innovatively tied up making a tent or canopy bed or by removing one of the sides, they can give access to children to get in and come out. By throwing in extra cushions and blankets, you can make it much more attractive and great fun for the kids.