Travelling With Babies

Whether you are planning a quick trip to Disneyland or travelling across the ocean to visit relatives, a trip with a toddler or newborn is never as easy as it seems. It does force the children to sit for long periods of time, which is always a situation that needs to be handled carefully. Having the right stroller like this cool foldable stroller by GB is one of the most important things you can purchase before going on a trip. Statistics on say that a majority of child-related accidents occur during long hauls when the parents are tired or are distracted by the new settings.

There are so many travel strollers on the market these days that buying one takes hours of dedicated research. One of the overall favourites is GB Pocketit, a Guinness World Record holding travel stroller that can be folded to tuck under the seat or overhead on a plane. However, this means that the handles are quite a bit shorter than other travel strollers and the wheels are not as heavy duty either. It is so light it can be held with just two fingers. This stroller is the perfect companion for frequent flyers who do not want to gate check their stroller.

Another overall great travel stroller is the Maclaren Quest. While it is a little on the heavier side, this umbrella stroller will never leave you hanging. It has all the accessories any mother (or father) could ever want. Since it is heavy duty, it also makes the best everyday stroller when at home. In fact, it may be the only stroller you buy for your child as it accommodates newborns, toddlers and small children, making it suitable for any stage of childhood. For the price you pay for it, it is one of the most economical umbrella strollers on the market.

For a more classic approach to the problem, a simple, lightweight stroller like the Uppababy G-Lite is perfect for travel and seat children over the age of 6 months. If jog strollers are more your style, try the City Mini, the unofficial stroller of Disneyland. Not only do you need only a single hand to fold it, but it is easy to carry and has ample storage. For children younger than 6 months, use a baby seat mounted to a simple stroller frame like the Snap N Go from Baby Trend. It makes the stroller extremely light.

For parents looking to seat two children, the Twin Techno from Maclaren is a great choice as is the Phil & Ted Buggy, which also accommodates children of different ages. These strollers have side-to-side seating configurations as well as bottom-top seating configurations depending on the ages of the children. Look for the best prices online as well as around your locality. Keep a checklist of the features you are looking for handy so that you don’t miss anything. Buying the right stroller to suit you and your baby is not just a safety precaution but also an investment in your child’s future.