Wondering what Yerba Mate is? Want to know why it is a very common name? You will get all your answers here. Yerba Mate is a drink from South America that is becoming popular by the day as it has the strength just like coffee, health benefits like that of tea. It also gives the drinker a joy as much as chocolate. This drink is made of leaves of the specific tree which are dried over a period of time or over a fire. There are plenty of options if you are looking for yerba mate gourd oinline as the ‘gourd’ is the container from which you drink yerba mate. If you look at health.com, you will find that a lot of people are benefitting from this. Here are some of the major benefits that it has on health.

· Yerba mate is rich in nutrients and antioxidants which include saponins, caffeoyl derivatives, polyphenols and xanthines. The antioxidant capacity is said to be higher than the amount in green tea.
· As it contains less caffeine than that in coffee even though it is more than that of tea, it can keep high energy levels and can also improve your levels of focus. There have been many observations of an increase in alertness, quick recalls and a better time to react, making it a better companion than coffee only without the side effects.
· As caffeine is known to reduce body fatigue, give a boost to your muscle contractions and also improve your performance in sports, the same property applies to yerba mate as well. Even though the fatigue quotient is less, it improves the burning of fat in the body when you exercise after consuming yerba mate.
· It could help to prevent infections that enter the body through fungi, parasites and bacteria. There is a wide belief about this even though it is yet to be proven scientifically.
· Yerba mate could also reduce the appetite. It can also increase the body metabolism and also the amount of fat that is burned in the body. This simply means that you can lose body weight much faster when drinking yerba mate than without it.
· The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of yerba mate may make sure that the immune system of the body is maintained at optimum levels.
· Yerba mate may be able to improve the amount of insulin in the body and thereby keep the blood sugar levels in the body much within the desired rates. In people who have a high blood sugar, this could even reduce it and keep the levels in check.
· Yerba mate has cholesterol reducing properties. This along with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help people get protection from heart diseases.

Yerba mate can be consumed either as a hot or cold beverage. The preparation is similar to that of regular tea. As per tradition, yerba mate is usually served in the ‘gourd,’ which is also called as calabash. Frequent consumption of very hot yerba mate is not recommended.